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frigorificotemuco As the first customer from Alaska I would like to thank Dale for being willing to adapt his shipping method and give it a shot. I was blown away by the taste and texture of the beef. It’s been years since I’ve tasted range beef. I’m taking one steak to my butcher so he can understand what I’m talking about when I tell him his beef is flavorless and the texture mushy. My thanks to the beeves for a job well done! I’ll be a regular customer, at least four or five times a year.

– Warren Suddock, Anchorage, Alaska

We had the burgers and oh my! Even my very pick 8 yr old daughter liked them. My 4 yr old took 1 bite of his burger and said “MMMM MMMM I love this hamburger.” Our daughter ate the patty by itself, and even asked for more.

Just wanted to share that with you. Thanks again! frigorificotemuco.com

– Jen R., Abilene, Texas

hi! i received my order of ground beef yesterday and just grilled my first grass fed beef burger with just a little salt & pepper. it was the burger of my life!! i’m eating low carb and just had it plain & the flavor was amazing. i did prepare it leaving it pink in the middle & it was yummo! i also don’t need to clean my inside gas grill because there wasn’t a greasy mess. i am just amazed :o)

i do have a question. do you have any idea of the fat content/calories per ounce or pound of your ground beef? i keep a daily food journal & would love to have some idea of what i’m eating. thanks *so* much!! i am a customer for life all the way in southwest mississippi.

– Lindey M., McComb, Mississippi

Tried the Criollo Grass Fed Beef Hamburgers for the first time tonight. WOW is all I can say!!! Didn’t need any spices or condiments, just a nice toasted bun and a touch of smoked cheddar cheese. The slight nutty flavor was phenomenal, and they are not greasy like many “store bought” burgers are. You have me convinced!

– Todd R., Henderson, Nevada

We were introduced to grass fed beef a while back by a friend of ours. He is a consumer at the recommendation of his cardiologist. We ordered your Happy Couple’s Pack and found your product to be superior to any beef we have ever eaten! From the appearance to the texture and tenderness, the Criollo beef is superior to any other beef we have had. But, the incredible taste of Criollo beef is something that defies adequate description! It really has to be tried to be described! Count on us as repeat customers!

– Mike and Pamm A., Nolan, Texas

Dear Dale and Janice,

Thanks so much for the wonderful meal! I could hardly wait to sample my ACB shipment received yesterday and did so last night.

With business associates at the house, I prepared some ACB T-bones and a comparable steak from my favorite butcher. I tenderized the store bought meat and lightly salt and peppered all the meat. Without any tenderizing, your cuts were not only more tender, but more flavorful than what used to be the best steak in town. I can’t tell you how pleased and impressed I am and thank you so much for bringing your product to market. Not only were they the best I’ve had, the fact that your steaks are so lean and heart healthy allows me to return to beef once again. I am a fan now and spread the word to Chicago, IL by virtue of my little dinner party last night…expect an order or two from the ‘773’ within the next few days and another order from me, soon thereafter! Again, thanks so much for the wonderful meal!

Very truly; jkm

– J. Kelly M., Houston Texas

Criollo beef is moist and flavorful to the max-it redefines my attitude towards red meat in my diet!

Once you go criollo…you’ll never go pollo!

– Susan H., McKinney, Texas

This is what Beef is supposed to taste like!

The first bite of my Texas Criollo Brand Ground Steak burger took me back to my childhood, back to the day when my Grandfather, the owner and butcher of a small town grocery store, would use the best cuts of meat for the family and his customers. We thought they were eating “hamburger meat” but in reality, we were eating Ground Steak! Texas Criollo Brand Ground Steak is the best tasting beef that I have had in over 30 years!

– Tim M., Dallas, Texas

“We used the Texas Brand Criollo Ground Steak in our spaghetti sauce last night and my husband and children could not get enough of it. It was the best tasting ground beef I can recall having eaten. I also feel good knowing the beef was raised naturally. I have four young children and I go out of my way to buy hormone-free milk – five or six gallons a week. It’s nice to have the same option on our ground beef without sacrificing taste or quality.”

– Nicole P., Flower Mound, Texas

The tenderness and taste of this beef is well worth the effort to try it! I will order again for special occassions and when I want to impress other beef growers. Well marbeled, tender and no growth stimulants are attractive elements for anyone who cares about their health.

– Robert A.

We enjoyed a Xmas Eve-Birthday dinner with Criollo sirloin steaks. Broiling indoors there was no smoke or odor from fat as our steaks were pure tender beef. We have eaten delicious hamburgers and spaghetti sauce with the ground beef which have been extremely tasty.

– Dr. and Mrs. Doug H., Whitney, Texas

just had some “Criollo” beef, Angus has nothing on this…, it was amazing…. the beef was served almost rare, as it should be… and, it was perfect!

These are real testimonials for Brandt Beef by real people, Brandt Beef thanks our customers for providing this to our future customers.

“Thanks so much Chris. You are too kind to send the bacon! Believe me, our family will love it! I need to check out the rib roast next. It sounds great as well!! I heard about Brandt beef through Dean and Deluca. We frequently order from Dean and Deluca and have ordered Brandt steaks on several occasions….because let’s face it, the steaks are AMAZING!! Today, I thought I would check out the frigorificotemuco website directly to see if you offered any additional products that were not features on the Dean and Deluca website. You were very kind on the phone and just the personal attention I received was outstanding.  THANK YOU!! Again, thanks a million for your generosity. And we will definitely be return customers! Have a wonderful Holiday and Happy New Year,” Holly Eaton

“I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know how pleased my family was with the steaks that we purchased from you recently. The Prime filet was among the best we’ve had and the ribeye was so tender and flavorful!   I am most thankful that you packed everything so well. I was frustrated when I found out the steaks would actually take 3 days to arrive due to a delay with Fed-Ex. Being shipped to Florida’s warm climate, I just knew they would be ruined. Thanks to your careful packing with 15 ice packs, the steaks were still chilled and in excellent condition when they arrived. We would not hesitate to use your company again or to refer our friends to you. Thanks for such a great experience.  Sincerely, Noelle Price

“Chris, happy New year…I just got back from vacay but wanted to tell you that without a doubt, the Bone in French rib chop was the finest piece of meat I have ever eaten and I have eaten all over the world….don’t know what your doing (or not doing) to those cattle, but pure awesomeness….congrats to your organization and will check in once my supply is empty. “Charles E. “Chip”   Batchelder  Managing Director Wyman Street Advisors frigorificotemuco

My name is Julie Johnson, and I grew up in Sunnyside Washington on a 20-acre farm where my dad raised Angus cows and sold them for beef. We always had a freezer full of fresh ground beef and steaks. I had no idea how good I had it, until I grew up and my parents sold the farm.

Fast Forward 30 years, and now I live in Valleyford WA. Luckily I met Frankie Browning and began buying beef from Browning Beef for the last 4 years.  I honestly had forgotten how much better beef can taste when cows are raised right and the time is invested in producing a quality product. I had been purchasing my beef at the grocery store and often wondered what that pink sludge was that I was trying to fry up in the pan.  Now I make sure I always have a freezer stocked full of Browning Beef, because I never want to run out. I share Browning beef with my son and daughter –in-law in Idaho as well.  All my recipes taste better when I use Browning Beef. The quality is unmatched.

“Browning Beef is high quality ground beef that I feel good about serving my family.  I know the animals are well cared for and treated humanely, which is important to me. Once you’ve had it, you won’t want any other beef.” 

-Dorene Wade-

“The meat from Browning Beef is amazing. You can tell the difference right away from store bought beef.  Browning Beef is a very high quality product.  We won’t buy our beef anywhere else now!!!”

– Josh, Owner of Bottles Wine Shop –

“Initially I purchased Browning Beef simply as a healthier alternative to the mystery meat found at the grocery store. After trying Browning Beef, there was simply no turning back.  Not only do I have the peace of mind knowing I’m feeding my family a healthy choice, but the flavor is amazing.

At one point we were out of Browning Beef and settled for store bought grass fed beef.  We were surprised how displeasing the texture and flavor was.  We have been spoiled to say the least! Now, I make sure we are well-stocked with this wonderful beef!”

-Casi Gronenthal, Real Estate Broker, EvoReal –